Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th April 2017

At Monte Barro – Lecco hostel organized 

by Ermano Spinelli

The properties and methods of use of some simple herbal preparations will be discussed, such as:

  • Herbal teas, decoctions and use of powdered herbs and making of a sugar-based syrup
    Active ingredients: mucilage, gums, anthraquinones, alkaloids
  • Creation of hydroalcoholic extracts (Mother tincture)
    Active ingredients: flavonoids, bitter principles, anthocyanins, iridoids
  • Essential oils
    Methods of extraction, main uses and practical demonstration on the use of a distiller

At each meeting we will be made products related to the topic to take home

LOCATION: Eremo del Monte Barro (Lecco) 750 mt s.l.m.
further possible activities on the mountain:
visit to the GOTI village of the VIth century, visit to the museum and its finds, excursion to the summit (922 mt), walks, climbing, races etc.

(It’s all free)

FOR INFORMATION AND REGISTRATION: 0362 911439 – 328 1846243 – info@hierbabuena.it

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