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With surfactants derived from vegetable raw materials, it does not contain phosphates

HB dishwasher is the result of many studies carried out throughout the production process,
the search of the first formulation and choice of packaging materials, in order to
minimize the environmental impact. The presence of sodium citrate contrasts naturally
the formation of limestone. Thanks to the sodium percarbonate, it guarantees optimum performance already
at low temperatures, resulting in remarkable energy savings.
(Reg. CE cleansers 648/2004)
< 5% anionic surfactant; 5/15% Oxygen Whitening (sodium percarbonate);
15/30% sodium citrate, sodium carbonate.
Other ingredients: lemon essential oil from organic farming, limonene
Way of use:
HB dishwashing powder cleans thoroughly and eliminates odors. For optimum yield
remove residues from the dishes. Introduce the powder into the pan.
Select the desired program by remembering that the dust guarantees great results
performance even at low temperatures (thus reducing the impact on the environment)

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