Ecological liquid detergent for laundry – Marseille

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Ecological liquid detergent for laundry – Marseille 5 liters

Also available in 1 liter format.

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The ecological liquid detergent for laundry marsiglia is produced from raw materials of vegetable origin. It is highly biodegradable. It is indicated for both hand washing of normal and delicates as well as for washing in washing machine; It gives excellent results even at low temperatures. For stubborn stains, pre-treat the garment with the same product. Use the doses indicated in the washing pan or in the appropriate ball directly in the basket.

It contains: Vegetable and natural surfactants, highly and rapidly biodegradables 
Without: Preservatives, oil derivatives, enzymes, fluoride, chlorides, phosphates, EDTA, ammonia, optical whiteners, formaldehyde, anti-foaming agents, animal substances (highly pollutants for the environment and for humans).
COMPOSITION (Art. 8 L. 7/86 – Reg. 648/2004/CE)
* Anionic surfactants: 5% e 15%(Sodium Lauryl sulfate) –

* Non-ionic surfactants: 5-15%

– Alcohol Sulfate Sodium: anionic surfactant, good washing power.

– Lauryl glucoside: non-ionic surfactant, delicate and well tolerated by the skin, is also used in cosmetics. Used to reduce the aggressiveness of the strongest surfactants. Stabilizes the viscosity of the product.

– Alkylic polyglycol ether: ionic surfactant. Good degradability

– Tetrasodium MGDA: sequestering heavy metals and calcium ions, it helps improving the cleaning power of surfactants. Good biodegradability. (tetrasodium EDTA is a good sequestrant and is also degradable, but mischievous use is causing accumulation problems. It is not toxic at the individual level)

– Ethoxylated fatty acids and alcohols: anionic surfactants, anti-dissolving of dirt. Good biodegradability

*Other components: perfume

*WARNING: THE PRODUCT MAY CONTAMINATE SEAS, LAKES, RIVERS. DO NOT OVERUSE, biodegradable over 90% L 26-4-83 n‹136 art. 2/4
*Do not ingest. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show the container or label.
*Avoid eye contact. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water and seek medical advice.
Keep out of reach of children
* –Compulsory wordings by law


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1L, 5L

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