Jojoba oil


Jojoba oil, liquid wax – 50 ml

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Jojoba oil
50 ml

Buxus chinensis seed oil.

Yellow-golden, odorless and tasteful, mostly made from
long chain monoester, free of glycerol, a characteristic that differentiates it
from all other seed oils; It is therefore a liquid wax, not a grease.
Being a non-greasy oil does not obstruct pores and improves function of the swollen and sebaceous glands.
It penetrates well into the skin facilitating the restoration of the natural pH,
It fights the aging process of skin cells and elastic fibers.
It is used as anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, emollient, soothing, for massage,
for bath, skin or hair.
It will keep for a long time without turning rancid, unlike other oils.

Way of use:
Apply on the affected areas with a gentle massage

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