Red copper hanna in powder


Red copper hanna in powder – Lawsonia inermis powder – package of 200 g

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Red copper henna in powder – Lawsonia inermis powder 100%

200 g

Red copper henna in powder, paints and covers white hair, and gives copper reflexes to dark hair. Try on a hidden lock before using.

Prepare the henna mixture with warm water, using enought quantity to full cover all your hairs (about 100g for medium length hair) and let rest for some minutes. The consistency should be creamy, like a yogurt.

Apply the cream uniformly on clean and wet hair. Then cover with plastic wrap or a cap and envelop your head with an old foulard or woolen cap. The cream on your hair must remain lukewarm, and not become dry.

The application might be quite long: from 2 hours up to 5-6 hours.

Rinse aboudantly, until the water become transparent. Do not use shampoo; if you want you can use a small amount of cnditioner for long hair. If you use water and vinegar during your last rinse, the color will be brighter.

Hair treated with henna are lusher, healthier and brighter.




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