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The muffin spindu nuts are completely natural,
wash without polluting, once exhausted they completely decompose.
They come from centenary plants fighting desertification. With 1
kilo will carry about 100 washings, can last 1 year, they do not need
of additives or softeners. Thanks to the high content of saponin, they have a strong
detergent, disinfectant, antibacterial and natural softening effect.
Delicate on fabrics, suitable for newborn babies and those with allergy to detergents
chemical. Suitable for all fabrics including silk and wool, from 30 ° to 90 °

SKU: HB190


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How to use:
In the washer put 5/7 means crushed shells in a cotton bag,
place in the laundry and select the desired program. Shells can
be reused 2/3 times, then they can be disposed of in organic waste.
you can also prepare a liquid soap, boiling about 6/7 nuts in
one liter of water for 10 minutes or leave to bathe for 8 hours. Store the liquid
in a refrigerator for up to 3 days

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